Spring Break 2018

Japan: House of the Rising Sun

11 days: Thursday March 22, 2018 - Sunday April 1, 2018

!!! Check this website often because Travel Information will be updated as often as I get it!!!

We had Informational Meetings both Tuesday/Thursday October 3/5
6pm at Casola's SW 17th Avenue, just N of US 1

A little info about me

all-inclusive travel & medical insurance package...
Payments are made directly to EF Tours: EFTours.com
The tour number for this trip is 1826562

We've already got plenty of students signed up & committed to this trip, so for sure we are going!!
Zoe Araujo, Emma Bennett, Sophia Betancourt, Mario Calvo, Santiago Cordovez, Victoria Cordovez, Faith Crabtree, Matias Di Polo, Alexia Frydman, Adriana Gavilanes, Gabriella Gomez, Adriana Griot, Ramy Hanna, Thea Hartley, Macarena Leon Velasco, Tomas Lopez, Shireen Mckay, Danielle Peraza, Fabricio Perez, Katarina Samper, Reed Seckinger, Zach Subire Araujo, Massimo Tarridas, Martin Velez, Landon Watford
Pass the word and invite your friend(s) to join us!

Information from our US State Department about travel in Japan.

The good news is, none of us to get a Visa to go to Japan. The following is a list of countries that have “Reciprocal Visa Exemption Arrangements” with Japan as long as travel is for a period of 90 days or less:
Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria(*7), Bahamas, Barbados(*6), Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France, Germany(*7), Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong(*3), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland(*7), Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lesotho(*6), Liechtenstein(*7), Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao(*4), Malaysia(*1), Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, San Marino, Serbia(*2), Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Surinam, Sweden, Switzerland(*7), Taiwan(*5), Tunisia, Turkey(*6), United Kingdom(*7), United States and Uruguay. If you want to know what all the asterisks represent please follow the hot link to the Japan Visa website I've provided above.

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This trip will be carefully chaperoned by Tour Leader: Dr. Julie Hood, Mr. Fernando Carasusan, Ms. Ashli Wright and other TBA experienced educational professionals.

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