Spring Break 2018

Japan: House of the Rising Sun

11 days: WEDNESDAY March 21, 2018 - SATURDAY March 31, 2018

Our Tour Director's name is Masa. Here are some communications I've received from him regarding potential lunch ideas in Kyoto, a Karaoke night in Nagaoka, and info about changing US dollars into Yen. I recommend we change US$$ into Japanese Yen when we land at the aairport in Tokyo. Also, bring an ATM card! Don't expect that any merchants will take Credit Cards!!

We are flying on Air Canada. We depart on Wednesday March 21at 6:30 am, which means we need to be at the airport (MIA) no later than 4:00 am, yes 0400!!
MEET AT AIR CANADA COUNTER AREA, CONCOURSE J. We must check in as a group - all our tickets are linked and at the counter - please don't be late!
Air Canada flight #1641 to Toronto, arrive 9:38am; then we board flight #0005 for a departure at 2:35pm, arriving Tokyo at 4:55pm the next day on March 22 (we cross the International Dateline). We return home from Osaka to Tokyo via All Nippon Airways flight #0990, departing at 3:15pm on Saturday March 31, arriving Tokyo at 4:25pm; then on Air Canada flight #0006 departing Tokyo at 5:40pm arriving Toronto at 4:45pm (the same day - seems like magic when you cross the International Dateline!); we then depart Toronto at 8:20pm arriving Miami at 11:37pm Saturday March 31. So you'll have Sunday to rest and get back into Eastern Standard Time and school is Monday April 2 at 8:00 am sharp!!


This just in: a more DETAILED itinerary: itinerary

!!! Check this website often because Travel Information will be updated as often as I get it!!!

Final Organizational Meeting was Tuesday March 6
6pm at Casola's SW 17th Avenue, just N of US 1
Handouts from our March 6 evening meeting: Handout 1, List of student names, emails and phone numbers
We had our first Informational Meetings both Tuesday/Thursday October 3/5
6pm at Casola's SW 17th Avenue, just N of US 1

List of parent emails and phone #s

A little info about me

EF Tours All-Inclusive Travel & Medical Insurance package info
Payments are made directly to EF Tours: EFTours.com
The tour number for this trip is 1826562

To cover the costs of lunches, beverages, small souvenirs, and costs for additional optional activities, EF Tours recommends bringing an additional $60/day.

Hot Tips:
Using your cell phone abroad
Voltage and outlet requirements, by country

EF Packing List
Don't forget:
*Prepare for rain!
*Bring your student ID
*Bring a Money Belt: the type that hangs around your neck is ideal - beware of pickpockets!
*Notify your bank that you plan to use your credit card abroad. Give them the dates AND the countries (Greece AND Switzerland)
*Don't forget to bring your credit card pin #
*Write down the phone number of your credit card company! Just in case, then you'll be able to call and report it lost/stolen

Things to bring on the plane, according to Forbes:
Noise-canceling headphones or earplugs, USB cable, Battery pack, camera, extra layer(s), travel pillow, eye mask, pen, passport, addresses where you're staying

Things NOT to bring:
fruits/nuts/seeds, water/beverages, anything that smells

EF Tours info specific to travel in Asia

Money: As of March 2018 there are approximately 106 Japanese Yen per one US dollar Our tour guide suggests changing US cash into Yen at the airport when we arrive, and using an ATM as needed throughout the trip. There will be ATM machines everywhere we go!

Information from our US State Department about travel in Japan.

The cost was initially $4525*, which includes all airfares, hotels and transportation, breakfasts and dinners, full-time professional tour director and local licensed tour guides, all entrance fees to exhibits and museums, all-inclusive travel & medical insurance, as well as excursions to the Meiji Shinto Shrine, Asakusa Kannon Temple, Hachimangu Shrine, Lake Hakone cruise, Mount Komagatake cable car, Nijo Castle, Gold Pavilion, Kimono Show, Inari Taisha Shrine, and with our extension we will also get to see and experience the Istukushima Shrine, Peace Memorial Museum and Himeji Castle… and so much more! Check out our awesome itinerary As of January 11, 2018 the cost is now to join is $4755, but if you are willing to pay the $230 late fee. But do this fast as EF Tours is currently purchasing tickets and if you join too late you might not be on the same flights! But there is some room, so JOIN US!

This trip will be carefully chaperoned by Tour Leader: Dr. Julie Hood, as well as other experienced educational professionals, including Mr. Fernando Carasusan, Ms. Jones-Roberts and Ms. Ashli Wright.

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